Organic 3 Day Cleanse Programs $160
Choose between the Beauty Cleanse or the Wellness Warrior

7 Day Detox Program- Our most popular program including all your foods for 7 days (yes you even get dessert too!) designed to detox your body. $210.00


7 Day Weekly Detox Menu

Day One:

- Buckwheat Bowl with Almond Milk
- Heirloom Squash Samosa and marinated kale salad
- Lemon Alfredo Pizza on buckwheat bread
- Chocolate Go Go Balls

Day Two:

- Coconut Yogurt with Fresh Blueberries
- Pesto Rolls with Marinated Vegetable Chop Salad
- Chopped Vegetable Wrap in Collard Greens with Pumpkin Seed Cheese
- Raspberry Torte

Day Three:

- Avocado Cacao Crème with Fresh Strawberries
- Omega Chia Cake Wrap with Spinach
- Spring Berry Salad with Sprouted Quinoa
- Caramel Truffles

Day Four:

- Beauty Breakfast Plate with Fresh Melon Ensemble
- Stuffed Tomato with Marinated Shitake Salad
- Sweet Mustard Salad with Bread and Olive Tapenade
- Chocolate Ganache with Superfoods

Day Five:

- Omega Bar
- Rolled Kale Bites with Marinated Onion
- 360 Focaccia
- Farm Fruit and Savory Cheese

Day Six:

- Peach Breakfast Pie
- Miso Sea Vegetables with Kelp Noodles
- BBQ Vegetable Stir Up with Chopped Greens
- Chocolate Domes

Day Seven:

- Amazon Blended Fruit Bowl with Hemp Seeds
- Numi Rolls with Fried Avocado
- Sesame Garlic Marinated Vegetables over Sprouted Grains
- Bliss Bar

This program includes 7 Breakfast items, 7 Lunch Items, and 7 Dinner Items, and 7 Desserts. This meal program is a specific menu to encourage detoxification and includes many new menu items. The menu may be changed or updated with food allergy issues. Below is an overview of the program menu. Please let us know how we can best accommodate your needs at set-up. This program is available for pick-up Monday, Wednesday and Friday's at noon. Each day you will pick up meals through the following pick-up day's breakfast. It is best to start this program on a Monday and be sure to plan plenty of water to accommodate your detox in between meals. This meal program is designed to accomplish the following things: Encourage Healthy Digestive Function, Release Water Retention, Support Organ Cleanse, Support Healthy Metabolic Rate, and Encourage Optimum Health. Additionally this program is very low in nut content and promotes eating for longevity as described in Jenny's recent book, Raw Basics.


I have experienced the meals from 118 Degrees for several weeks and they alone have given me extraordinary strength and vitality to the point I was taking up to three yoga classes per day. I just felt so incredibly energized and satisfied to a maximum degree that I had never experienced before. - Chandra

I had a shift in my thinking about myself last Christmas 2011 - that I couldn't afford to eat like I was and be happy with my overweight self - and I resolved to shave this extra weight off of me starting 2012; well, the universe replied that very next month with 118 Degrees having a Detox special! I took it on, and after a few weeks of being on your Detox special, and doing my own raw food prep for 4 + more weeks based on your menus and recipes, I lost 30 lbs. and felt fantastic! I have 30 more lbs. to go, and I know I can do it.

Raw has been a fantastic journey - in weight loss, my food prep & recipe execution abilities, and I look forward to continued meals at 118 Degrees, more of your wonderful recipes, and feeling so good about myself to spread the word of Raw Vegan to everyone. I love having a success to start of my year, and it was perfect timing. Loving it! - Pam

Jenny's wealth of knowledge, experience, passion and selfless dedication has made sense of my confusion and made the overwhelming achievable. Her inspiration and guidance has made my transition into a raw and living foods lifestyle a reality.

Through this new nutritional approach I have achieved a renewed sense of vitality that leaves me glowing and busting with an infectious energy that lifts and inspires those around me. I have also found a sense of control over my health as I take a proactive verses reactive approach to my own wellness. And, last week when I competed for the first time as a Raw and Living Foods Athlete, I proved that YES, I could be a top level professional athlete and live my raw and living foods lifestyle. - MJ

Meal Programs


10 Meal Weekly Program- 10 Delicious Meals packaged with Organic Mixed Greens Salad $125.00- 3 meals Monday, 4 meals wednesday and 3 meals Friday

10 meal program more information:

For ongoing support of the living foods lifestyle try our 10 meal program. These delicious entrees are seasonal variations on our lunch menu and packaged on a fresh green salad so you can grab and go with your meal at any time. The programs begin on Mondays and are made fresh on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ready for pick up at 12. $125/program


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